TV Tuner For iPad

Watching live TV on the go is possible with the latest TV tuner from ElGato - the EyeTV Mobile. Watch live TV on your iPad or iPhone and access major network television using Dyle™ mobile TV network in the USA. It's a compact and powerful TV tuner for North American users that easily connects to the dock connector port of Apple iOS devices. If you have a very recent model of iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it can be used with Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter (which is sold separately) to connect the 30-pin TV dongle to your iOS device.

ElGato Mobile TV Tuner

For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
TV Tuner for iPad - iPhone - iPod

A cellular or internet connection isn't required because EyeTV Mobile doesn’t use bandwidth from your cellular data plan or your home or office Wi-Fi wireless network. It's important to note that to watch TV on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with ElGato's iOS device, you MUST live in a major urban area of very SELECT AMERICAN CITIES where Dyle provides coverage. In this case, WHERE you live matters far, far more than what model of Apple gadget you have as to whether you can have a decent television viewing experience with this device.

iPad TV Tuner Coverage Area

This mobile Apple iOS TV tuner features a detachable miniature telescopic antenna with MCX connector for convenient portability - and also includes a taller free-standing rod antenna for better reception indoors in your home or office. Additionally, theres a USB cable bundled with the mobile television tuner to recharge the tuner's internal battery. EyeTV Mobile allows up to 9 hours of live TV on a fully-charged iPad and around 4 hours on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Same Hardware As ElGato TV
Note the iOS TV tuner shown above from Escort uses the same OEM hardware as ElGato's product - yet is priced $30 higher
$119 vs $89 For ElGato's version

TV Tuner For iPhone

For iPhone users, the EyeTV Mobile device Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Note that for watching TV on the iPhone and iPod Touch - the smaller battery size results in lower television playback times than on an iPad. Adjusting certain system settings such as disabling wireless and Bluetooth activity and lowering screen brightness can help get the most time out of a recharge of both the Mobile EyeTV and your iPhone or iPod.

TV Tuner For iPod Touch

iPod Touch users aren't left out of the action: As long as you're running iOS 5.1 or later and own a 3rd or 4th generation iPod touch with 30 pin Dock connector, or an iPod touch 5th generation - with a separate Lighting adapter - you can use EyeTV's mobile TV tuner.

iOS TV Software App

The EyeTV mobile TV viewing app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App store by clicking on this hyperlink here.