The Smart TV Set From Apple

Combining both a high quality HD television and netowrk connectivity, a smart TV brings cable, broadcast progamming and online streaming digital content through a high-speed internet connection into an all-encompassing solution to your television viewing desires.

Apple Television Features

On it's simplest level, the new Apple TV product simply needs to combine a high-quality HDTV screen, a thoughtful collection of audio and video input and output ports, the hardware guts of the current standalone AppleTV media streaming box, and Mac OSX and Apple iOS hooks to allow the TV set to be easily controlled from an iPad, iPhone or MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop computer.

Apple Television Hardware Specs

Apple has never been shy to strive to use high-quality and bleeding edge display technologies, so expect the TV set from Apple to provide a top-tier visual experience.

Apple Television Screen Sizes

It would seem logical for Apple to offer versions of it's smart HDTV in two sizes, with a very large and premium system screen size for it's well-heeled, preferred customer, with a somewhat smaller and more affordable smart TV for those with more modest needs and wallets to capture as much market-share and consumer base as possible. If offered in more than one size, expect availability of the Apple television set to announce and deliver the largest screen version first - and drag it's heels offering a more-affordable TV set as a follow-up months later.

Apple Television Pricing

Given Apple's penchant for high-end, premium priced products - as well as a love for gross margins into or exceeding the 30% to 35% range, expect any Apple television hardware to target the upper range of smart TV pricing of other premium brands.

Apple Television Availability