The Tube

2.9.3 Update to THETUBE from Equinux

Equinux keeps updates coming! Today Version 2.9.3 of THE TUBE PVR software was released with the following fixes-additions of note:

Changes in The Tube Version 2.9.3
– Tuning has been improved drastically. We recommend running "File ! Search Channels..." again
– Now supports Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Stick 70e, Terratec Cinergy T USB XXS
– Now supports the new EyeTV DTT (introduced August 08) and EyeTV DTT Deluxe
– DVB-T / DTT problems with older EyeTV hybrid devices have been solved
– The EPG - Program Guide update dialog window no longer reappears if you select "not now".
– Changed timer for EPG update to 15 secs
– Fixed an issue where attaching a device might interrupt playback of recordings

Version 2.9.3's installer also includes links to download their LIVE TV iPhone app and TUBE TO GO.

EyeTV & TubeStick Serial Number - Activation Codes

Unlike Windows XP & Vista Media Center software -- TV Tuner drivers for Mac OSX don't reside at a low system level. And as such the 'drivers' for Mac compatible TV tuners exist within the DVR software itself. So it is only logical that ElGato and Equinux are protective of their intellectual property and require rather arcane EyeTV Serial number key codes and/or The Tube or Media Central's online Activation process to enable their applications. Yes, it's a bit inconvenient at times when updating or reinstalling. But it's necessary.

Many 3rd-party TV tuner cards exist -- and are supported by both companies. And altho some very common TV tuning chipsets are used - each tuner device can have unique Product ID and Device codes. These codes must be programmed into and detected by the application, and it's often why each minor revision or build of TheTube or Eye-TV might add support for another given tuner or two.

Clearly the real value of the HD tuner hardware lies in great software unleashing it's abilities. So that's why EyeTV retails for $79 or TheTube for $39 as a standalone software package. And they're worth it. Sure, ElGato or Equinux would prefer you bought their tuner bundle. But there's money to be made on their software efforts - to both end users and by licensing their programs to Hauppauge, Pinnacle, Miglia and others.

So to all the thieves, pirate, hackers, crackers, sinners, and Bit-Torrent steal-thief pirates looking for EyeTV download and TubeStick/The Tube serial # cracks and code hacks... You have been USED as keyword LINK-BAIT SUCKAH! You'll burn in HELL for looking for register Free EyeTV EYE TV Lite / Light registration serial number Equinux activate activation code crack for Elgato serial number or Equinux TheTube Tube Stick warez unlock serial# crack registration code activation pirated versions SHIT? Well you won't find it here, but thanks for looking...

Remember: Honesty Is Always The Best Policy! :)

TheTube US Channel Guide For USA Announced

Equinux US EPG Program Guide
Finally... Equinux has announced a real solution to providing a Channel Guide in the USA for purchasers of it's TubeStick Hybrid+ and bundled TheTube v2.9 software. For those who buy a NEW Tube-Stick a FREE year's subscription will be bundled. But a $20 annual subscription renewal cost will eventually affect everyone. Earlier efforts by Equinux to support the XMLTV standard to access listings proved just TOO GEEKY for - well just about anyone who simply read what was involved. As such it was one step short to match features with ElGato's EyeTV - which includes the FREE Titan-TV channel guide simply as part of it's fabulous Eye TV software. But this new guide is a step in the right direction from Equinux - and ElGato needs a bit of competition to keep it on its toes...

Equinux Releases THE TUBE 2.8 Update

What's new in this version:

TubeStick Hybrid Tuner for Mac and PC Hardware Issues:
• Boosted the digital reception quality, a new channel search is required for digital signals
• A crash while switching channels on the same transponder has been fixed
• Problems while switching channels with OSX 10.4 have been resolved
• The on-screen display now shows the channel number correctly

Software Improvements In The Tube 2.8:
• The Tube is now available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish
• The Tube is fully compatible with MobileMe
• Shared data streams are detected and displayed much more reliably. This especially improves reception of local channels
• Added a confirmation dialog to prevent accidentially deleting channels
• New locations are now immediately active and selected
• Jumping in timeshift and recording with shift-left/right and option-shift-left/right cursor keys has been improved
• The EPG import performance and stability has been improved
• The XMLTV EPG importer now handles IceTV XMLTV feeds correctly
• Fixed an issue which caused EPG entries being displayed multiple times
• Assigning DVB-T EPG service to channels works more reliably now
• An issue where the EPG information in the channel list and the on-screen display was out of sync has been fixed
• The EPG header translations have been fixed for non-English languages
• The TV-Movie EPG works correctly on 10.4 again
• Assigning different EPG services now updates the channel list correctly
• The timeshift controller works much more reliably now
• An Aqua-style scroll bar has been replaced in the TubeTalk sign-in panel

Equinux TubeStick For Mac... Or PC

Equinux, software writers of THE TUBE 2.0 TV-tuning software announced at MacWorld Expo they'd be shipping thier own Hybrid USB stick tuner - The TubeStick - for the US NTSC market. It’s compact, slimmed-down design is more friendly to crowded USB ports than many other bulkier stick-style tuners from ElGato and other 3rd parties. The Tube Stick is bundled with BOTH Mac software and Windows Media Center software drivers. TheTube software (now at version 2.7.4) is good, but not GREAT like EyeTV unfortunately. Still, Equinux has been keeping the updates coming, and offers unique and innovative program sharing features to give El Gato a good bit of competition.