Strong TV Signal

Smart HD TV Antenna Design

High Definition television reception demands even stronger TV antenna signal strength as we make this transition from Analog to Digital. Those buying a new ATSC Digital tuner television set or hooking up a new TV converter box may be dismayed to find their current antenna just isn’t good enough for Digital - though it may have been for Analog reception. Digital breakup and blockiness on-screen is your first clue, and the dreaded ‘NO SIGNAL!’ makes it clear: YOU WILL NEED A BETTER ANTENNA FOR HD RECEPTION.

The laws of physics and electronics haven’t changed the parameters of television antenna construction much over the years - but more sophisticated test equipment is helping with developing more effective innovative antenna designs. Case in point: the WINEGARD HD-1080 HDTV HIGH BAND COMBO ANTENNA which looks somewhat like a grid and bow-tie Ch. 13-69 UHF antenna - but it’s uniquely designed back grid of up to 42” rabbit-ear dipole-like horizontal rods help pull in upper VHF channels 7-12.

For most, after the Feb 2009 switch-over MOST TV stations will broadcast digitally in the UHF range. But depending on where you live - and your final channel assignments -- a COMBO UHF/VHF antenna might be needed to insure you can get ALL the stations in your area. Wineguard now delivers a flat-style directional antenna more easily installed in attic spaces or against a wall to deliver high-gain performance comparable to much larger, wider outdoor UHF-VHF roof-top designs. For some this might be the best $50 investment you can make.