Consolidaton in PC and Mac TV Tuner Market

Caught this recent press-release a month late: But it's important - affecting two of the largest 3rd-party television tuner suppliers for the Apple OS X DVR marketplace. (Both of whom are allied with ElGato and provide EyeTV Lite with their Mac-specific tuner bundles.)

"October 27th, 2008
Hauppauge Digital Inc. announced it has agreed, through a subsidiary, to purchase the Pinnacle PCTV product line and related assets from Avid Technology and certain affiliates.

“Avid’s PCTV products have become one of the most popular TV tuner consumer product lines throughout the world,” said Ken Plotkin, President and CEO of Hauppauge. “With both the Hauppauge WinTV and Avid PCTV product families, Hauppauge will now be able to offer our customers an expanded set of TV products for personal computers, from entry level TV tuner products for laptop computers to high end embedded TV receivers used by leading PC OEMs.”

Hauppauge intends to work closely with Avid during the 2008 Holiday season to ensure a smooth transition of the Pinnacle Windows PC and Apple Macintosh TV product line for Avid’s distribution partners and consumers. Following the closing of the transaction, Hauppauge expects to continue developing and supporting both the PC-Mac TV and WinTV product lines.

Hauppauge Digital, Inc. is a leading developer of analog and digital TV receiver products for the personal computer market. Through its Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. and Hauppauge Digital Europe Sarl subsidiaries, the Company designs and develops analog and digital TV receivers that allow PC users to watch television on their computer screen in a resizable window and enable the recording of TV shows to a hard disk, digital video editing, video conferencing, receiving of digital TV transmissions, and the display of digital media stored on a computer to a TV set via a home network."

Best Gets Better : EyeTV 3.0.4 Update

What's new in EyeTV 3.0.4?
Improved & Redesigned Editor - Yaaay!

Improvements To Update Scan : the ability to add channels without removing existing channels.
New TV Tuner Hardware Support for North America- specifically the new ultra tiny USB Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Mini Stick - 80e

Bug Fixes
Auto tuning ATSC channels and updating the ATSC program guide with HDHomeRun has been resolved.
A problem where EyeTV Hybrid (US 2008) would display no signal on the AV inputs when timeshifting was deactivated has been resolved.
A problem where EyeTV 250 Plus (2008) could not receive a signal after putting the Mac to sleep using the Apple Remote has been fixed.
Improved EyeTV's stability and performance.
A crash when manually adding channels has been eliminated.
Fixed problems with Smart Guides
Fixed missed Smart Playlist issues
Playback & Exporting
Improvements in the playback of H.264 broadcasts.Recordings made with EyeTV 3.0.3 and the original EyeTV USB no longer display a speaker icon overlay.
Problems with exports to Apple TV that repeated multiple frames have been resolved.

Pinnacle Micro's New QAM Mac TV Tuner

Pinnacle will ship in late September a new UTRA-SLIM & COMPACT USB ALL-DIGITAL TV tuner for Apple’s Mac OS X : The Pinnacle Micro ultra-compact all-digital TV for Mac HD Mini Stick model 80e - includes EyeTV Lite Personal Video Recorder (PVR) software from ElGato for Apple’s Macintosh OSX, a high-gain telescopic TV antenna, mini remote and travel bag. Pinnacle claims the device can pick up digital TV signals even where signals are weak thanks to integrated signal booster technology. Designed to receive over-the-air digital TV (ATSC) signals and unencrypted digital cable TV — ClearQAM for both Standard Definition (SD) and HDTV, with resolution support up to 1080. Remember kids: For these high resolutions - HD TV viewing and capture are demanding on a computer’s resources: And so Minimum Stated System requirements say: DUAL G5 processor minimum or Intel Core Dual CPU.