ElGato Site Drops HD HomeRun

dual ATSC QAM Ethernet TV for Mac
Interesting change recently as ElGato's North American website: They dropped the rebranded Dual Digital/ATSC HomeRunHD ethernet networked based OEM tuner made by SiliconDust from their current products page. ElGato's US-North American site now lists only the EyeTV Hybrid and the 250+ models.

For a time, El Gato repackaged and sold the SiliconDust HDHR-US HDHomeRun Networked Digital TV Tuner. They added support for the unique, Dual ATSC and QAM digital device in later versions of EyeTV 2 - and continue support in the updated EyeTV 3. So perhaps ElGato is simply focusing on profitably selling EyeTV3 software at full $79.95 retail to HomeRun purchasers. Bundled or not -- It's a winning combination allowing multiple Macs to view and record TV - or to watch one station while recording another.

In a way the unbundling doesn't matter since ElGato is ultimately a World-Class software company with an award-winning TV application. What hardware it runs on is somewhat secondary. And the HomeRun is readily available elsewhere - and enjoys wide support on both the Mac and Windows PC platforms:

The HDHomeRun works with the following Software:
Windows Media Center:
MCE 2005 32-bit
MCE 2005 64-bit
Vista MCE 32-bit
Vista MCE 64-bit
SageTV - HTPC software for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Home Server, Mac & Linux
SnapStream BeyondTV - DVR for Windows
Elgato EyeTV - DVR for Mac
MythTV - DVR for Linux
MediaPortal - DVR for Windows
GB-PVR - DVR for Windows
VLC - Multi-platform media viewer
TSReader - MPEG-2 transport stream analysis

Pinnacle's New Digital Mac HDTV mini Tuner Stick

pinnacle HD stick for Apple Mac
Finally, Pinnacle Micro’s ultra-compact all-digital TV for Mac HD Mini Stick has become available at Amazon.com - boasting the smallest form factor of any USB computer television tuner card to date, special signal-boosting technology, and bundled with the latest version of EyeTV Light v1.1 from ElGato. A new generation of OSX TV hardware - with the best DVR viewing and recording software out there. Looks like a winning combination!

Supported Devices In ElGato's EyeTV v3

EyeTV 3 Compatible Devices List
(Most Of Those Listed Are NTSC ATSC Tuners For North American Markets. This is only a partial list since this site doesn’t intend to address International markets nor TV standards/tuners for those markets)

EyeTV USB EyeTV 200 EyeTV 250 EyeTV 250 Plus EyeTV 300/310 EyeTV 400/410 EyeTV 500 EyeTV 610 EyeTV Diversity EyeTV EZ EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0 EyeTV Hybrid HD HomeRun

WinTV-HVR-900 WinTV-HVR-950

Evolution TV TVBook Pro TVDuo TVMax TVMicro TVMini TVMini HD

ATI Wonder USB 2.0

* USB HD mini Stick 80e (Still in progress: a v3.0.x BETA is available, see below) TV for Mac HD Stick 800e TV for Mac Hybrid Stick 330e PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick 330e PCTV USB Stick PCTV HD Pro Stick 800e


SILICON DUST: HDHomeRun * The latest version of the full EyeTV software is 3.0.3 and does not yet have support for the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD mini stick (80e). Such support is coming in the next EyeTV release. If you already own this Pinnacle device, and you have EyeTV 3.0.3, then please use the following link to upgrade to a beta version of EyeTV that will support this stick. While EyeTV 3 is running, you can enter this URL into a web browser, that will force EyeTV to download this specific version: eyetv://checkforupdates?build=4241
This link will not work with EyeTV Lite. Requires the FULL version of EyeTV 3.

Equinux TubeStick For Mac... Or PC

Equinux, software writers of THE TUBE 2.0 TV-tuning software announced at MacWorld Expo they'd be shipping thier own Hybrid USB stick tuner - The TubeStick - for the US NTSC market. It’s compact, slimmed-down design is more friendly to crowded USB ports than many other bulkier stick-style tuners from ElGato and other 3rd parties. The Tube Stick is bundled with BOTH Mac software and Windows Media Center software drivers. TheTube software (now at version 2.7.4) is good, but not GREAT like EyeTV unfortunately. Still, Equinux has been keeping the updates coming, and offers unique and innovative program sharing features to give El Gato a good bit of competition.