2009 EyeTV Mac Hybrid Tuner With FM Radio

Following ElGato Systems MacWorld 2009 Expo introduction of the revised 2009 Model 10020974 EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick for Analog, HDTV and FM Radio Reception were initially ONLY available at ElGato's Online Store. But within a few weeks, Amazon now lists this TV tuner for Apple Mac OSX. The best HD computer TV tuner for Mac just got better - and cheaper.

CHOOSE CAREFULLY: There's now 3 different EyeTV Hybrid's floating around in inventory: 1. The ORIGINAL (discontinued) EyeTV Hybrid which is an affordable choice for Antenna using people that had 2 rows of horizontal air slots for cooling. 2. The JUST REPLACED EyeTV Hybrid 2008 Model with Clear QAM Digital Cable support that had vent slots on just ONE SIDE of the USB TV stick case, and now 3: The 2009 Hybrid Tuner in a sleeker, smoother, apparently non-vented silver casing.

3.1 Update To EyeTV Download Available

As promised at MacWorld Expo 2009, ElGato's made the new 3.1 update download available for EyeTV customers.

Bug fixes focus mostly on various existing scheduling issues with the Electronic Program Guide - EPG functions. The new alliance with TV Guide now offers more advanced Genre, Ratings and Parental Controls additions to EyeTV's features.

On the hardware side, The new ElGato Systems 10020974 EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick for Analog, HDTV with FM Radio Reception - This North American EyeTV Hybrid 2009 model's FM radio tuning functions are now supported - as well as highly anticipated initial support for the Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder, a capture device with component video input and RCA analog and S/PDIF optical audio inputs.

This tidbit from ElGato's site implies some HD PVR caveats and gotcha's:
"This device requires a Macintosh computer with an Intel processor. The infrared remote receiver is not supported. The infrared remote blaster cannot legally be supported on the Macintosh. The minimum firmware supported is 1.15, and must be flashed on a PC using Hauppauge’s driver software."

I anticipate that further revisions to EyeTV 3.1 will likely be needed to properly refine functionality of the 1212 HD PVR - and am somewhat surprised the Hauppauge 1192 WinTV HVR-1950 hasn't yet been added to Eye TV's supported devices list. All in due time I suppose...

EyeTV & TubeStick Serial Number - Activation Codes

Unlike Windows XP & Vista Media Center software -- TV Tuner drivers for Mac OSX don't reside at a low system level. And as such the 'drivers' for Mac compatible TV tuners exist within the DVR software itself. So it is only logical that ElGato and Equinux are protective of their intellectual property and require rather arcane EyeTV Serial number key codes and/or The Tube or Media Central's online Activation process to enable their applications. Yes, it's a bit inconvenient at times when updating or reinstalling. But it's necessary.

Many 3rd-party TV tuner cards exist -- and are supported by both companies. And altho some very common TV tuning chipsets are used - each tuner device can have unique Product ID and Device codes. These codes must be programmed into and detected by the application, and it's often why each minor revision or build of TheTube or Eye-TV might add support for another given tuner or two.

Clearly the real value of the HD tuner hardware lies in great software unleashing it's abilities. So that's why EyeTV retails for $79 or TheTube for $39 as a standalone software package. And they're worth it. Sure, ElGato or Equinux would prefer you bought their tuner bundle. But there's money to be made on their software efforts - to both end users and by licensing their programs to Hauppauge, Pinnacle, Miglia and others.

So to all the thieves, pirate, hackers, crackers, sinners, and Bit-Torrent steal-thief pirates looking for EyeTV download and TubeStick/The Tube serial # cracks and code hacks... You have been USED as keyword LINK-BAIT SUCKAH! You'll burn in HELL for looking for register Free EyeTV EYE TV Lite / Light registration serial number Equinux activate activation code crack for Elgato serial number or Equinux TheTube Tube Stick warez unlock serial# crack registration code activation pirated versions SHIT? Well you won't find it here, but thanks for looking...

Remember: Honesty Is Always The Best Policy! :)

EyeTV+Front Row Integration via PyeTV

A great little Plug-In to integrate ElGato's EyeTV with Apple's FrontRow media software and Apple Remote - PYETV version 1.2 - was recently updated at the Google Code site. Version 1.2 is compatible only with Leopard OS X 10.5. (For those running 10.4 Tiger, an older version of the PyeTV Front Row plugin is still available.) Though many users are current and using EyeTV v3, this plug-in seems to work fine with Eye TV version 2x as well.

Supported Devices In ElGato's EyeTV v3

EyeTV 3 Compatible Devices List
(Most Of Those Listed Are NTSC ATSC Tuners For North American Markets. This is only a partial list since this site doesn’t intend to address International markets nor TV standards/tuners for those markets)

EyeTV USB EyeTV 200 EyeTV 250 EyeTV 250 Plus EyeTV 300/310 EyeTV 400/410 EyeTV 500 EyeTV 610 EyeTV Diversity EyeTV EZ EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0 EyeTV Hybrid HD HomeRun

WinTV-HVR-900 WinTV-HVR-950

Evolution TV TVBook Pro TVDuo TVMax TVMicro TVMini TVMini HD

ATI Wonder USB 2.0

* USB HD mini Stick 80e (Still in progress: a v3.0.x BETA is available, see below) TV for Mac HD Stick 800e TV for Mac Hybrid Stick 330e PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick 330e PCTV USB Stick PCTV HD Pro Stick 800e


SILICON DUST: HDHomeRun * The latest version of the full EyeTV software is 3.0.3 and does not yet have support for the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD mini stick (80e). Such support is coming in the next EyeTV release. If you already own this Pinnacle device, and you have EyeTV 3.0.3, then please use the following link to upgrade to a beta version of EyeTV that will support this stick. While EyeTV 3 is running, you can enter this URL into a web browser, that will force EyeTV to download this specific version: eyetv://checkforupdates?build=4241
This link will not work with EyeTV Lite. Requires the FULL version of EyeTV 3.

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