EyeTV Lite

EyeTV & TubeStick Serial Number - Activation Codes

Unlike Windows XP & Vista Media Center software -- TV Tuner drivers for Mac OSX don't reside at a low system level. And as such the 'drivers' for Mac compatible TV tuners exist within the DVR software itself. So it is only logical that ElGato and Equinux are protective of their intellectual property and require rather arcane EyeTV Serial number key codes and/or The Tube or Media Central's online Activation process to enable their applications. Yes, it's a bit inconvenient at times when updating or reinstalling. But it's necessary.

Many 3rd-party TV tuner cards exist -- and are supported by both companies. And altho some very common TV tuning chipsets are used - each tuner device can have unique Product ID and Device codes. These codes must be programmed into and detected by the application, and it's often why each minor revision or build of TheTube or Eye-TV might add support for another given tuner or two.

Clearly the real value of the HD tuner hardware lies in great software unleashing it's abilities. So that's why EyeTV retails for $79 or TheTube for $39 as a standalone software package. And they're worth it. Sure, ElGato or Equinux would prefer you bought their tuner bundle. But there's money to be made on their software efforts - to both end users and by licensing their programs to Hauppauge, Pinnacle, Miglia and others.

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Pinnacle Micro's New QAM Mac TV Tuner

Pinnacle will ship in late September a new UTRA-SLIM & COMPACT USB ALL-DIGITAL TV tuner for Apple’s Mac OS X : The Pinnacle Micro ultra-compact all-digital TV for Mac HD Mini Stick model 80e - includes EyeTV Lite Personal Video Recorder (PVR) software from ElGato for Apple’s Macintosh OSX, a high-gain telescopic TV antenna, mini remote and travel bag. Pinnacle claims the device can pick up digital TV signals even where signals are weak thanks to integrated signal booster technology. Designed to receive over-the-air digital TV (ATSC) signals and unencrypted digital cable TV — ClearQAM for both Standard Definition (SD) and HDTV, with resolution support up to 1080. Remember kids: For these high resolutions - HD TV viewing and capture are demanding on a computer’s resources: And so Minimum Stated System requirements say: DUAL G5 processor minimum or Intel Core Dual CPU.