Antenna Reception ONLY - ElGato EyeTV One HD Tuner

Antenna TV Tuner for Mac and PC
JUST THE BASICS : ElGato announced a new lower-cost budget TV tuner for Mac (or Windows PC) that is strictly for Over-The-Air HD antenna based reception - the Elgato EyeTV One PC and Apple Compatible TV Tuner.

Lacking Analog video capture functions and QAM decoding for Digital Cable reception, this $100 tuner may be right for those of use who don't and won't pay for cable TV month after month - and are more than content with our locally available stations from an indoor or outdoor antenna. But frankly it's somewhat of a 1-trick pony. Most people interested in a tuner should look for a QAM enabled or Hybrid Analog and Digital model for the most flexibility now - and in the future.