Cheap-er Prices on Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Mini Stick

Pinnacle System's ultra compact QAM USB Digital-ONLY Tuner - the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Mini Stick (Model # 82301003001) is now hitting a street-price near $70, making it one of the most affordable HDTV on a Mac options.

A strictly Digital tuner - this USB television stick is right for those using HD ATSC antenna reception or who have Digital QAM cable -- and don't want or need the Analog capabilities of a Hybrid TV tuner to hook up to SD - Standard Definition Cable, VHS VCR's, aging Camcorders and whatnot. Noted for it's ultra-compact size and signal-boosting technology for better reception - It comes bundled with remote control, EyeTV Lite 1.1 - and a better portable antenna than most - a high-gain telescopic antenna that extends up taller for enhanced reception. For mobile OTA - Over-The-Air television with a laptop Mac, this is a great choice. Also includes TVCenter Pro 5 and VideoSpin software for PC.