2nd Generation Video iPods + Mac Tuners

New enhacements to the 2nd Generation iPod touch and a recent release of iTunes 8 are taking the digital TV to-go to the next level. The touch’s under the hood improvements to battery life, enhanced 2.1 iPod software update, the addition of a long overdue EXTERNAL volume control, a very tiny but much-welcomed internal speaker add up to an improved mobile TV watching experience. There have been some rumblings that the 2nd-generation iPod touch is using a slightly lower-quality LCD screen - for many only noticeable when placed side-by-side with 1st generation models. But with increased memory capactiy, a lower-price point and the above software and iTunes App Store enhancements unlocking even more VALUE in the touch’s functionaltiy - It outshines it’s predecessor.

Amazon On-Demand Video Download Service

Amazon has it’s new movie & TV streaming service, AMAZON ON-DEMAND. Customers can now instantly watch movies and television shows commercial-free on Macs or PCs. With this new service, you can enjoy instant playback of hit Hollywood movies for $9.99 and the latest TV shows for about $1.99 an episode.

Pinnacle Micro's New QAM Mac TV Tuner

Pinnacle will ship in late September a new UTRA-SLIM & COMPACT USB ALL-DIGITAL TV tuner for Apple’s Mac OS X : The Pinnacle Micro ultra-compact all-digital TV for Mac HD Mini Stick model 80e - includes EyeTV Lite Personal Video Recorder (PVR) software from ElGato for Apple’s Macintosh OSX, a high-gain telescopic TV antenna, mini remote and travel bag. Pinnacle claims the device can pick up digital TV signals even where signals are weak thanks to integrated signal booster technology. Designed to receive over-the-air digital TV (ATSC) signals and unencrypted digital cable TV — ClearQAM for both Standard Definition (SD) and HDTV, with resolution support up to 1080. Remember kids: For these high resolutions - HD TV viewing and capture are demanding on a computer’s resources: And so Minimum Stated System requirements say: DUAL G5 processor minimum or Intel Core Dual CPU.

The Tube 2.8.1 Update

Equinux followed up with another quick .1 update to TheTube Macintosh DVR software for the TubeStick Hybrid TV Tuner compatible with both Apple's Mac OS X and Windows Media Center Edition PCs. Now at version 2.8.1 - they did a few recording and audio issue fixes. Good to see Equinux really keeping up and trying -- slugging it out in the Apple tuner market with EyeTV is a tough arena to compete in, doncha know...