AverMedia Mac Volar USB Digital TV Stick For USA

3/12/2009 - AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., announced the (long delayed...) release of the AVerTV Volar MAX for Mac, a compact USB TV stick for US - North America. This Digital ONLY computer HDTV tuner supports ATSC antenna recption + Digital QAM cable at a new low-price point for Apple computers

AVerTV HD Volar MAX USB Tuner
Aver Media USB TV Tuner for PC and Mac
For Intel Macintosh Computers

System Requirements for the Volar M are:
- Macintosh® computer with a Intel Core® processor - 512MB RAM or above - 300MB of available hard-disk space - USB 2.0 port - CD or DVD drive - Mac OS X v10.4 or later

With AVerTV for Mac’s DVR software app, you get an iPhone-like on-screen menu for channel switching, program recording, and EPG for upcoming programs, etc. The key functions of AVerTV for Mac are supported by an Apple Remote. Designed for Apple OS X, AVerTV Volar M also comes with AVer TV 6 Media Center for PC, benefitting Dual-OS users who run OS X and Windows on their Mac.
Cheap Mac TV Tuner : AverTV For Mac OSX

The final Street Price of this Digital ATSC + QAM unit makes it the new price leader for affordable Mac computerTV watching.

Cheap TV tuner stick for Mac

The Aver Volar Max ~$49

2.9.3 Update to THETUBE from Equinux

Equinux keeps updates coming! Today Version 2.9.3 of THE TUBE PVR software was released with the following fixes-additions of note:

Changes in The Tube Version 2.9.3
– Tuning has been improved drastically. We recommend running "File ! Search Channels..." again
– Now supports Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Stick 70e, Terratec Cinergy T USB XXS
– Now supports the new EyeTV DTT (introduced August 08) and EyeTV DTT Deluxe
– DVB-T / DTT problems with older EyeTV hybrid devices have been solved
– The EPG - Program Guide update dialog window no longer reappears if you select "not now".
– Changed timer for EPG update to 15 secs
– Fixed an issue where attaching a device might interrupt playback of recordings

Version 2.9.3's installer also includes links to download their LIVE TV iPhone app and TUBE TO GO.