Snow Leopoard Users : Update to ElGato's EyeTV v3.1.2

EyeTV 3.1.2 Mac PVR Software Update
Check out the rather long laundry list of bug fixes and enhancements for the latest EyeTV 3.2.1 Update from ElGato. Those who've upgraded to Apple's Snow Leopard 10.6 need to get and stay current to avoid some of the issues earlier versions of EyeTV has with OS X 10.6

Spotty DTV Reception? Try An Antenna PRE-Amplifier

Frustrated by your outdoor TV antenna reception after the Digital TV switchover? Intermittent, sorta - kinda - maybe reception on some chanels driving you crazy? It may be that your existing outdoor antenna is 'OK' - but some degree of signal loss through your household wiring may be sub-optimal. A television PRE-amplifier will boost the signal _at its source_ and will likely improve your current channel reception - as well as possibly bring in stations you're missing.

20db UHF-VHF Pre Amp

Alternately; consider the
Channel Master 7777 High-gain mast-mount antenna preamplifier

Note these are multi-piece units: A PRE-amp that attaches directly on your antenna outside - and the actual amplifier which is a small box with built-in wall AC transformer. Once connected, you may want to verify your existing station and reception quality - then do a RE-SCAN of all available channels.

For those with multiple cable runs indoors and throughout the house - a different type of indoor sigal amplifier is needed. This can apply to both those using antennas or those with cable television access. A passive splitter may be fine to branch off to 2 sets - but with more cable runs than that you really do want an amplified splitter to minimize signal degredation.

Motorola Amplifier - Splitter

In short - before you blame your tuner - or its source. Ponder everything in between. Its often the weakest link, and proper amplfication at the right points in your wiring runs can make all the difference in the world.