2009 EyeTV Mac Hybrid Tuner With FM Radio

Following ElGato Systems MacWorld 2009 Expo introduction of the revised 2009 Model 10020974 EyeTV Hybrid TV Tuner Stick for Analog, HDTV and FM Radio Reception were initially ONLY available at ElGato's Online Store. But within a few weeks, Amazon now lists this TV tuner for Apple Mac OSX. The best HD computer TV tuner for Mac just got better - and cheaper.

CHOOSE CAREFULLY: There's now 3 different EyeTV Hybrid's floating around in inventory: 1. The ORIGINAL (discontinued) EyeTV Hybrid which is an affordable choice for Antenna using people that had 2 rows of horizontal air slots for cooling. 2. The JUST REPLACED EyeTV Hybrid 2008 Model with Clear QAM Digital Cable support that had vent slots on just ONE SIDE of the USB TV stick case, and now 3: The 2009 Hybrid Tuner in a sleeker, smoother, apparently non-vented silver casing.

FM Radio In New EyeTV Hybrid 2009 Model

The best gets better: On the eve of MacWorld Expo ElGato has announced a sleeker, slightly redesigned Model 10020974 EyeTV Hybrid 2009 TV Tuner Stick w/ FM Radio
Analog + Digital ATSC/QAM television USB tuner- Now with FM Radio tuning functionality. Prior to this, Apple Macintosh owners basically only had Griffin Technology 's RadioShark AM / FM Desktop Radio with Time-Shift Recording to provide radio broadcast reception on their Mac. Coinciding with this new Mac tuner's 'immediate' release is a new version of EyeTV 3.1 PVR software. This version with FM support added will be available to existing Eye TV v3 owners later this month.
The new packaging and case modifications will be helpful in identifying this new tuner stick. Last time around - when Digital Clear QAM support was added to the renamed '2008' Hybrid model - there was no easy way to visually distinguish the changes made to the internal circuitry. One last item of note: As with Pinnacle's latest HD TVmini stick, they too are touting "better reception" meaning enhanced signal sensitivity - likely from the latest improvements to the internal OEM decoder/tuning chipsets in these new models.