SageTV Media Center For Mac

SageTV continues progress on their multi-platform TV Media Center softtware - now at version 6.5.9 for Mac. I've tried it with one of the Apple Macintosh supported tuners below - specifically Hauppauge's HVR950 non-QAM tuner with an outdoor ATSC antenna with no success pulling in stations. Was a little overwhelmed by the 'Setup Assistant' which is so extensive and lengthy it felt more like a SETUP INTERRIGATOR. And of course it wasn't till I was deep in the process that trying to identify the tuner hardware and actually receive any signal was where it failed. Would have been nice if: 1. The Setup was much more automated, and 2. Recognizing the TV hardware successfully first should preceed attempting subsequent issues like screen aspect ratio, location and program guide info. Will have to de-install, re-install and try again. It OUGHT to work. And it ought to be MUCH simpler to get up and running.

Sage TV Supported Analog Tuners On Mac
Hauppauge EskapeLabs myTV.PVR
Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 (use the Eskape Labs drivers)

SageTV Supported OTA HDTV Tuners On Mac (requres SageTV V5 or later):
Hauppauge Win-TV-HVR-950
Pinnacle PCTV HD (800e)
Silicon Dust HDHomeRun (native support, no driver install required)
El Gato EyeTV Hybrid (original version w/out QAM tuner)

ATI's tvPortal TV-DVR Software For Mac

ATI's TV Wonder QAM HD Tuner for Mac
One of the few reviews of the Apple OSX specific version of the ATI TVwonder VisionTek 650 Hybrid TV tuner box for Mac can be found over at -- As with earlier incarnations of ATI's TV tuners for Mac - ATI opted to write their own "tvPortal" DVR/tuning software rather than license and get device support of EyeTV from ElGato or snuggle up to Equinux for support of it in THE TUBE software.

ChipChick's take: tvPortal is a servicable TV app for Mac - but lacks much of the functionality ATI provides with the bundled softwware of the Windows PC version. Once again, this points to a common truth: It's the software, silly! When you have rather generic OEM TV tuner hardware based around only a few of tuner/decoder chipsets being manufactured (i.e. TV cards based on BT8x8 chipset, Philips SAA713x chipset, Conexant CX2388x, and few others) what's under the hood matters less than the end-user experience. Sounds like ATI ain't delivering a superlative PVR experience for OSX, but hey, there's always hope in software updates...

Cheap-er Prices on Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Mini Stick

Pinnacle System's ultra compact QAM USB Digital-ONLY Tuner - the Pinnacle TV for Mac HD Mini Stick (Model # 82301003001) is now hitting a street-price near $70, making it one of the most affordable HDTV on a Mac options.

A strictly Digital tuner - this USB television stick is right for those using HD ATSC antenna reception or who have Digital QAM cable -- and don't want or need the Analog capabilities of a Hybrid TV tuner to hook up to SD - Standard Definition Cable, VHS VCR's, aging Camcorders and whatnot. Noted for it's ultra-compact size and signal-boosting technology for better reception - It comes bundled with remote control, EyeTV Lite 1.1 - and a better portable antenna than most - a high-gain telescopic antenna that extends up taller for enhanced reception. For mobile OTA - Over-The-Air television with a laptop Mac, this is a great choice. Also includes TVCenter Pro 5 and VideoSpin software for PC.