Apple TV Tuner Market Ready For DTV Transition

This switch to Digital television is a slow process. Not an 'event' really, but simply a rapidly evolving shift in television reception. Remember, the DTV ‘extension’ to June 12th 2009 still allowed over-the-air TV stations to go all Digital BEFORE THEN. So the remaining Analog stations you can receive will become fewer and fewer in the weeks ahead. Under the revised law, TV stations were simply required by the FCC to *announce* their black-out date to viewers *before* they flip the switch to ATSC Digital.

Even that 'Blackout Date' ain't necessarily going to be totally black. Many rural areas are and will continue to be served by TRANSLATOR STATIONS still broadcasting in Analog. (Another reason why a TV converter box *with Analog Pass-Through* or a auto-switching HYBRID Mac TV tuner is still the best choice for antenna using folks waaaaay out in the country side.)

Satellite and Cable companies have their own agenda and interests to pursue: Which is largely to $ELL YOU PREMIUM SERVICE for the rest of your life. But Cable companies are mandated by law to provide SOME SORT of standard definition Analog signal till 2012. But that doesn't mean you'll receive the stations you want, just the stations they'll give you. Which Digital stations you'll receive in Unencrypted Clear QAM is up to the provider, and their ULTIMATE intent is to sell you PREMIUM High-Def Digital Services only decoded by their set-top box. (and not your computer's TV tuner stick.)

All this is against a growing backdrop of Free (ala Hulu) or Pay-Per Content (via iTunes), or streaming (via Netflix) and IPTV -- Television streamed over the internet and viewable with various 'player' programs for Mac or PC.